Client Based Website – Intensive Online Marketers St. Petersburg – Tampa, FL

What do we mean by a Client Based Website?

Well, this would be the traditional website creation…setting up the Domain Name under the business, obtaining the business’s  hosting account for their Domain Name, obtaining the content from the business and using that content to design and navigate the businesses’s website. Depending on the level of the website, the client would pay an initial web site design fee to create the website.

At Intensive Online Marketers we have three different levels that a business client can select from. The levels are Basic, Advanced and Ultimate.

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Below is a table outlining what is included in each level.

Web Site Options

Basic Web Site

Advanced Web Site

Ultimate Web Site

Domain Name Set Up YES YES YES
Hosting Set Up YES YES YES
WordPress Installation YES YES YES
Web Site Design and Theme Installation YES YES YES
Updates included
Mobile Device  Responsive YES YES YES
Security Measures Implemented YES YES YES
On-Page Local Search  Optimization YES YES YES
Sitemap Submissions YES YES YES
GMail Account Set Up YES YES YES
Website Ranking Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Website Analytics Yes Yes Yes
EMail List Creation NO YES YES
Off Page Optimization NO YES YES
Set Up Facebook Set Up Add On YES YES
Google Plus Set Up Add On YES YES
You Tube Channel Set Up Add On YES YES
Optimize Google Places NO YES YES
Security Monitoring NO YES YES
Reputation Management Monitoring NO NO YES
Blog Set Up and Maintenance NO NO YES
Citation Management NO NO YES
Review Program NO NO YES
Video Search Engine Ranking Monitoring NO NO YES
Marketing Video Creation Add On Add On YES