Free Business Marketing Website – Intensive Online Marketers St. Petersburg – Tampa, FL

What is a Free Business Marketing Website?

Well, first of all, these are are extremely limited and are completely private. Any business participating in this option has an exclusive agreement with Intensive Online Marketers. All leads generated are exclusive for that business’s location and no leads are shared with any other competitor of the business. We will not be involved with any competitor within a defined area for the participating business.

Any business will need to make an application and if approved, an interview, direct, if local, phone or Skype, will be set up to complete the process. In order to provide this type of website, Intensive Online Marketers will only work with businesses that are serious about using our Online Marketing Services to increase their customer or client traffic. The business will need to follow our guidelines. If the business does not follow the guidelines, then we will terminate the relationship and have the right to pursue a similar business in the area. There is absolutely No Risk to the business.

With proper selection, we are extremely confident, through our marketing expertise, that we will be able to generate traffic to the business via phone and/or email to the participating business. We have the software capabilities to analyze and monitor the traffic created for our Internet Marketing efforts. If we are not able to provide that traffic, then the business will not incur any fees or charges for our efforts.  We also do not require any contract and the business is allowed to terminate the arrangement at anytime and without any questions.

If you would like us to evaluate your business for one of our very limited Free Business Marketing Websites, then click here to fill out the request form.

After evaluating the form, we will contact the business.