Leased Based Website – Intensive Online Marketers St. Petersburg – Tampa, FL

What is a Lease Based Website?

That is a website which  Intensive Online Marketers creates for a particular business area. The business can lease the website on a per monthly basis. This allows a business to go from strictly offline to online marketing without the business having to expend any cash in the creation and set up of the website. The business will lease the website for a certain minimum period of time (usually 6-12 months). Intensive Online Marketers will create the domain name, register it, provide the hosting for the site on their server and create the content. Intensive Online Marketers will absorb all start up, maintenance and marketing costs for the website. The monthly leasing fee will depend on the level involvement as illustrated in the Client Based Website Option. This is an obvious advantage for the business and provides a means for a business to market online without any real risks. If the website does not provide what the business was looking  for, then simply do not renew the lease, which is never more than 12 months.

Interested in learning more about our lease based option and for a free consultation? Just contact us by phone, contact form or email. If your business is not local, no problem.